Odoo service
Odoo service

Odoo ERP Support & Maintenance

Odoo is a full-suite of business management software. It is designed to function as an accounting package, enterprise resource planning (ERP) package and customer relationship management (CRM) all in one. It’s currently popular among small and large companies that need these kinds of solutions, no matter what size they are or how complex their operations may be. Odoo runs on cloud servers and gives you access via a browser and also has apps for Apple and Androids

odoo amc service

Odoo AMC Service

Odoo (Open ERP) is one of the software solutions that will come with ongoing support from Odoo’s service partners, as well as community members who are capable of helping you get the help you need at the right time.

Today Odoo is a worldwide business solution that can be implemented by your service-provider of choice. Uncanny, the trusted leader of the Odoo implementation community, is an Odoo gold partner that can provide you with quality services for your project’s success. Starting as a small company employing only a few people, Uncanny has grown to a size of 150 employees who are all united through their fundamental belief of what a great business solution should do for a company and its workforce during hard times or otherwise.

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Our reliable team of experts would be more than happy to assist you in solving the technical issues that are frustrating you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Odoo is an open source ERP system that has many different modules that can be utilized to take care of various aspects of business organization. There are modules for accounting, inventory, field service management, point of sale management, and much more. Odoo is scalable meaning if one intends to grow or expand mileage in their b2b operations it's highly adaptable to meet the demand of your company's growth.

Passion. Creativity. Dedication. Functionality. User experience… Need we say more? At Uncanny, these key words meaningfully apply to everything we do and represent the values that drive us to invent, improve and actually stand by our work – an approach that will help your business grow and provide you with all of the tools and resources needed to succeed!

Our Odoo Development Company has crafted some of the most exciting and widely used Odoo-based solutions. We have been working on this project more than a decade, making us proud to say that we were instrumental in developing some of the leading products on the market.