Odoo service
Odoo service

Odoo Apps Migration

The applications and add-ons running on an older version of Odoo will need to be changed so they work seamlessly with the new version. Because the current operating platform is based on Python code, developers should use advanced coding languages to achieve this. To keep the user’s interface consistent across the upgrades, the recommendations are that basic features be improved along with new features being written especially for this version of Odoo.

odoo apps migration
odoo migration

Data Migration

As part of the migration process, existing data should be migrated from legacy systems to newer applications. In order for this data to properly integrate with the new system, it must be compatible and transferable in a logical manner so that it can be read by both versions of your app in a way that makes sense.

Migration Testing

With all of the application modifications and data availability, there is a need to perform testing in order to display the endurance and stability that the new platform will have. The quality checks should be conducted on how well it performs in various circumstances.

odoo testing
importance of migration

Importance of Migration

The Odoo migration means moving from one version to another. The user will be capable of upgrading the newer version of Odoo that works better and is more reliable than the previous version. Now, this would be beneficial for all users as it will improve the productivity of their companies. Moreover, the migration will result in less time consumption with Odoo operations, facilitated terminology usage and integration from advancement in company operations. For an upgrade it is necessary to buy a support package which helps your migration procedure and guarantees overall functionality and security and, at the same time, will offer you future updates free of charge!

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Odoo is an open source ERP software system. It can be used to create a variety of applications for multiple users within a business environment. This enables you to make the most out of your Odoo system by creating solutions that meet your requirements. With Odoo, one can scale the masses and manage them with high flexibility.

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