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Odoo service

Odoo Licensing Consultancy

Due to its fully open source software, Odoo is building rapid growth in the market. It grabs the attention of the business organizations which are looking towards its application integration. They prefer Odoo for reducing IT management costs and thus investors are offering strong support to Odoo. We support you with our partners that have precise knowledge of odoo licensing so as to pay attention to your safety from future legal issues.

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Odoo community License

The odoo community is based on GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 (LGPLv3) under the free software foundation. The original GPL license was created by the free software foundation to provide source code so that the licensee could follow the same steps as given in source code provided. LGPLv3 is very similar to GPL, which allows you to use the covered software for your own business purposes and modify and distribute it, with one small difference: all products using LGPLv3 must also be released under LGPLv3. This doesn't change anything for other products though, just products that are distributed under LGPL. Those that are distributed under another license can still be used to create new projects.

Odoo Enterprise License

Odoo Enterprise comes under version 1.0, which prohibits users from running the software without being subscribed to it. When you subscribe to the Odoo Enterprise edition, only this company will have the option to modify or run code on its instance until you exit out of this mode. Distributing the license keys – whether unmodified – modified or copied – is against licensing rules and can be met with legal action by Odoo software developers.

Odoo Free App License

New free apps can be built and used with both enterprise versions and community versions. Developer’s personal Odoo for business license permits them to use the free apps in any license that can be downloaded from the Odoo app store for business users or to use, without any payments. Since the community version is under LGPLv3 license, they are allowed to publish and distribute free apps with any license. The core community addons should remain under LGPLv3.

Odoo Paid App License

This license is used for paid addons available in the app store. To use those addons legally, one must either buy them or get a written document from the author. Like enterprise editions, neither its selling, distributing, modifying nor sublicensing is permitted. But they can be utilized as library modules and utilized as building blocks without having to copy and paste code snippets from the addon itself and properties that you integrate into your own app may be distributed under any license of choice without requiring any proprietary license like LGPL including, of course MIT.

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Benefits of Odoo Licensing consultancy

Odoo is growing rapidly. Many businesses are moving to Odoo for its vast potential and open source laws. Odoo licensing consultancy partners can give you the right knowledge on the compatibility of Odoo with your business requirements. They offer a wide range of Odoo versions along with open source applications at a low cost. But for this, they need to have a vast knowledge in AGPLv3, LGPLv3, MIT licenses etc. The application that best suits your company needs will be provided by them based on functionality and criticality of your business needs.

Moreover, Odoo is open source and there are certain marking and branding guidelines that you must adhere to. You can’t modify the Odoo apps and then resell them as your own work without being penalized for rules not being followed. It’s important to have a licensing consultancy guide you through these policies so that you can grow your business without worrying about breaking the law or being penalized later on down the line.

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