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Odoo service

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Odoo is an immensely comprehensive application for accelerating any business processes. To develop and customize such an application, one needs a skilled Odoo developer with complete knowledge of Odoo ERP. Uncanny provides the best Odoo specialists who worked on various software projects with several renowned companies from all around the world including Germany, USA, UK, Switzerland, Belgium and Egypt. Our Odoo experts attained high rankings in most Odoo-friendly forums and they hoarded a variety of technical and functional knowledge along the way. They know about the best implementation plans due to their thorough understanding of business workflows at working standards.

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These days, finding a good developer is a hard thing. That’s why we at Uncanny have specialized in Odoo Technology and believe me it’s one of the most popular technologies in ERP these days. It changed how people work and think about other processes within their company. We offer custom Odoo solutions from one end to other end that understands your business model and works accordingly with quick turnaround time to give you exactly what you need. Our developers are well versed with Odoo Technology, UI/UX knowledge which helps us create flawless Enfold Templates for our clients over all industries so if you have a project at hand don’t worry we’ll complete the deadlines and get things done on schedule, don’t waste your time, hire a real expert at Uncanny today!


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Odoo is a leading system that effectively helps with your business management and growth. It offers you a comprehensive range of functionalities that can be tailored to your needs.

Uncanny is an excellent Odoo development company - one that was built on passion for making Odoo clients succeed, creativity when it comes to devising new ways of using the platform, and our love for seeing businesses grow. All of these aspects are at play when we take on your Project. Our team has the know-how about how to create an Odoo application that's perfectly sized for your enterprise. You can rely on us to develop a system that seamlessly fits all of your needs across the board including anything from feature functionality to business process integration.

We at Uncanny have been implementing Odoo projects of all shapes and sizes for over a decade. From ERP solutions to back-end management software, we've got the skills and expertise you need to make it work for your business – because we've done too!